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Red Bra Regatta Recap
Update and Special Thank You

The 8th Annual Red Bra Regatta, a race by women for women, was a huge success!
There were 20 boats registered with all women crew. The largest all women regatta
in the San Francisco Bay and on the West Coast. The race was started out of the
competitive spirit of two very close friends, Nancy DeMauro and Libby Sheldon.

It is now a great regatta on the South Beach Yacht Club Racing calendar. 

For more history and photos, go to

Thank you SBYC for your support, 
Joan Byrne, Winnie Kelley, Jocelyn Swanton Co-Chairs

This year we expanded the race to support a charity for women.
We were approached by a group of freshmen students from a local high school.
They researched and decided to support the education of girls in rural Kenya through Girls United.
The students felt that they would develop a closer relationship knowing that the money raised
was going directly to education in rural Kenya. The students were so very surprised and thankful
for all of the support they received at our Club. They have sent our members an update.

"Skippers, crew and supporters of the Red Bra Regatta, words cannot describe how grateful our team
is to all of you for your overwhelming support and donations for Girls United.
Through donations on Facebook, the bar tip jars, and a few individual sponsors who donated money for
each Red Bra Regatta shirt sold, we raised over $1700, more than we could have ever hoped for
and three times our goal!

The spirit of the Red Bra Regatta is all about female empowerment, and to all of you who donated
and even the ones who just listened to our speech, you brought the world one step closer, so feel good!

Additional thanks to SBYC and the race organizers for the inclusion of a fundraiser in this year’s regatta,
and to all of those who came up afterwards and thanked us and asked about the Girls United program.

We hope we have started a positive trend of making this regatta even more empowering than it
already is (a feat in itself!); and if there’s one thing you take away from this,
we hope it is that Empowered Women Empower Women!"

Sincerely, Laura Byrne and Team for GIRLS UNITED