CPR/AED/First Aid Class
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Hands on CPR/AED/First Aid training at South Beach Yacht Club. 

Gain the skill and confidence necessary to perform life-saving procedures when you need it the most. 
Unfortunate, unexpected events occur in our club, out on the water and in your homes. Be prepared!

This course stresses treatment of concussion and hypothermia. 
After the class, you will receive a 2 year digital certification.

This course satisfies the requirement for Master Captains License
and US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Course.

$100 Per Person / Register Now
Officer of the Day and Race Committee, this is not required,
but good knowledge to have when you are in charge of the Club.

Your Instructor is Sean Bonetti, who has had his Paramedic license for 30+ years,
maritime ship work experience for 5+ years, and CPR/First Aid Instructor experience for 10+ years. 

For more information please contact Rear Commodore Wendy Hanrahan

CPR/AED/First Aid Class
Sunday, January 26, 2020 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM